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Tracer tests

Tracer tests serve the detection of flow conjunctions and spreading processes in groundwater as well as the investigation and quantification of reactive transport processes. Hydroisotop GmbH develops individual tracer concepts for ground and surface waters or special applications. Among others, projects that comprehend the complete spectrum of design, implementation, analysis, evaluation, and interpetation are conducted in the following areas: 

  • Questions regarding water management e.g. exploration of catchment and protection area or exploitation of bank infiltrates
  • Determination of hydraulic parameters and flow time in geothermal wells
  • Leakage testing in tanks and pipe systems
  • Detection possibilites of lake and river infiltrates in groundwater
  • Implementation of optic tracer-flow-logs for the differentation of inflow in deep wells (also at very low productivity)

Tracer compounds or combinations are chosen from a wide spread range of fluorescence tracers (dyestuff), salt tracers, gas tracers (e.g. SF6), or isotope tracers (e.g. deuteriated water). The supersensitive measurement is done by spectral fluorometric methods using HPLC, GC or GC-IRMS in the lab or using online-equipment in the field.

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