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Over the past years the determination of isotope contents for the verification of the origin and authenticity of food and food additives has grown significantly.

Applying isotop methods in the food analysis can provide information about: 

  • geographic origin of food
  • authenticity of food and food additives (not declared additives or verification of naturalness)
  • compliance with the legal regulations or agreement by treaty

The isotope analysis is the most effective and in many cases the only method to prove food fraud.

Generaly, isotope methods can be applied for all sorts of food. Typical products that are regularly investigated by isotope methods are:

Due to Hydroisotop's long-term activity in the field of authenticity proof we have built a great data pool which is available for any kind of comparison. 

We conduct all isotope measurements according to standard methods. We also provide consulting and advice beyond the scope of the issue.  

Accreditation according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005

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